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18th June 2010 - Insurance Comparator

Compare and contrast your insurance quote with others. Who is offering the best deal at the moment

6th December 2009 - Boats Wanted

Boats wanted section added where potential buyers can advertise.

1st December 2009 Website Gets a Suggestion Box

Post your suggestions in the suggestion box

15th October 2009 Website Gets a Make-Over

General make-over for the website with plans to add more features and content

16th June 2009 Forum added

A forum has been added so that Atlanta Boat Owners and those interested in Atlanta Boats and cruising Inland Waterways can exchange ideas.

19th December 2009 Boats For Sale added

a for sale section is in development where owners can advertise their boats and links to other 'For Sale' listings are provided.

20th Jan 2008 Gallery added
A members Gallery where Atlanta Boat owners can show off their pride and joy.

November 11th 2008 Website launch

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GSA Atlanta 24 Test

-  Boat Mart March 2010   -  

Atlanta 24 review -  Motorboats Monthly July 1988

Honda BF25A/20A Owners manual 

Paloma PH 5-3F Instruction Manual

This website provides a  place where Atlanta boat owners can share experiences, troubles and delights that hopefully will be of interest and benefit to the like minded.

Send your experiences here that you believe would be of interest to other Atlanta cruiser owners for posting on this website. And remember boats with active owners:
Are more desirable 
Have a higher resale value 
Have a more enjoyable ownership experience 
Easier and less expensive to repair and modify 

Why not post your questions, suggestions or just say HELLO!
on the forum?

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Best Deals on Insuring Your Atlanta Cruiser

If you belive you have the best deal on Insuring your Atlanta Cruiser tell others about it here. If you arn't sure you have the best deal check out what others have been quoted.

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All the services on the website are free to Atlanta Boat Owners. However, donations towards the upkeep of the website are always appreciated.
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A warm welcome to all Atlanta Boat owners and those of you with an interest in cruising the British Inland Waterways.

Cruisers:  Atlanta 330 | Atlanta 32 | Atlanta 27 Wide Beam | Atlanta 25 | Atlanta 24

All the services on the website are free to Atlanta Boat Owners. However, donations towards the upkeep of the website are always appreciated.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to manage and update the website.

If you have an interest in Atlanta Boats and possess  minimal web knowledge this project may be just the thing for you.

The website also offers an investment opportunity though Google AdWords and Classified Ads.

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